• deespeaks 5w


    With a happy face i ran down towards the street and i saw you. I saw the girl i love and who loves me aswell. You were standing with your friend a guy with a rainbow smile and dark intentions. He asked you about me is he your man do you love him?. I started walking slowly with a smile and my head higher above the sky waiting for you to make me proud and show me how proud i am of you as you will answer yes he is my man and i love him the most in this world and you will not let me down instead you refused to love me and tell him that you are not with me and i shattered falling down towards to ground finding a place to gather my heart but i couldnt. You cheated by lieing i still smiled as i loved you more then this world holding your hands leaving the past behind but you never changed its such a story i never want to eraseā™„