• gill_moony 23w

    Yesssss.... cause I was getting tired of people pestering me about 'my story' like come on I don't have one peeeps... back off...lol

    The thing is that I am a writer. I observe and get inspired and then I write shitty posts. Yes... that's it.

    #mirakee #readwriteununite #writersnetwork #MNG~

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    Loved loved

    You wanted to know 'my story'
    The muse of my art; my words
    The fuel, the fire of my pen
    What if I indulge you in a little secret
    Hope you can stomach it before
    Drowning in the endless ocean of disbelief
    The thing, my darling is that
    I have never tasted the forbidden fruit
    I have never loved loved...