• jamareeraymoore_poetry 6w

    Untitled, Part 9

    "Look at the journey as I've made it to number Nine,
    I'm going to sprinkle my own jewels on this so I can give it that nice and clean Shine,
    Almost done and about to run through the tape but I still have some hurdles to Jump,
    Got to clear the wall that's in front of me as it's in the form of a huge Lump,
    Starting to love and appreciate myself a bit more, ain't that a Blessing?,
    Never will let them know my next move as I'm always going to keep them Guessing,
    My words are so smooth like a knife cutting through hot Butter,
    Serious when it comes to my work so my head is never in the Gutter,
    The muscles of my mind are so strong as you see me starting to Flex,
    Like I said earlier, I'm almost done so let's see what's Next ..."