• hajaryussuf 10w

    Pause and leap

    We live in moments of hope,
    or to be precise,
    we live only in those moments of hope.
    When the air around me becomes too thick to hold,
    I try to melt them into skies
    To look far into the nights
    And count the stars
    hoping they hold my fears too tight
    to save me from every fright

    I send tides when frustrated
    And they come back as surf
    hitting my shores and dying on my banks

    My head sometimes feel heavy
    And I bury my foot in the sand
    To transfer the heaviness into the sands and to smile through my eyes

    I sometimes jump through times
    I wait in hope of something good happening
    Sometimes a warm wish from someone on my special day
    Sometimes an ordinary day made beautiful by someone special

    And when I hop from one day to the next targeted day
    It feels like the rest of the days just melted away into my sleeves

    No matter whether the wishes got granted or not
    I can be grateful that fate brought me to the day I thought I would make myself a little more happier
    And maybe until the next stop at my grounded wishes
    I would still be happy

    And then there are blanketed hopes stretching through days
    Maybe everyday waking up to see if it got fulfilled and
    Every night sleeping back to dream for the same thing
    Days string into harmonies of peaceful prayers
    And you aren’t aware of time or space

    So when I wake up from my dreams , hopes and prayers that are yet to be answered
    And you see a flicker of doubt on my face
    Remind me that they keep me alive
    And give me every reason to breathe
    No matter what

    So let’s jump to another day scheduled maybe a month ahead or years from now
    That day maybe the star would shine brighter