• writer_mystery 10w

    Fear of Punishment

    Me and my friend both went toilet at the same time in the period of Mathematics. Then when we finished our toilet I locked my friend in the toilet and I alone came to the class. 5 minutes were spend and my friend was still in a toilet and then someone told to our maths teacher that one student is absent in our class.Then teacher told the students to search him and get him in front of her.Then he was found in a toilet.Then our teacher asked him what was he doing in the toilet.I was in a condition of subconsious because I think that my friend will tell truth to our teacher .But He replied that ma'am someone locked me in the toilet and he don't tell my name in front of teacher.
    I felt relax and from that time I have never done such type of nonsense in my class.

    Moral - Friendship means not only to make friends but also try to keep up.

    I wish you like the incident which happens to me at the age of Childhood.
    * Dosto me abhi bhi child hu but I study in class 10th.