• kottak 10w

    Last day

    The world didn't crumble when you walked out that door. The earth didn't shake , fire didn't rain down, the world just continued to turn. When we woke up I knew it would be the last day. The last day we pretended to be an us, the last day I came home and saw you parked on the street. The last time I kissed your forehead when I left for work or told you that I made it somewhere safe. The last day. Everyone passed around me as if nothing extraordinary happened because it didn't. The world continued to turned , however mine stood still. I watched you packed the last box, sat the key down and leave. My world broke. I never needed you and still don't. I am breathing and moving but my world is stuck. Cause for me this was the most horrific thing that happened. My heart broke. To our last days, I wish I could forget them.