• thecosmicowl 10w


    People born with the Moon in Aquarius have one of the most paradoxical placings in all of astrology. To understand why this placing is so complex, we must first understand the individual natures of the moon & the sign of Aquarius itself and the way in which these energies are expressed. In astrology, the Moon rules our subconscious, emotions and indicates the type of mother that we have. It's fluid in nature and has a deeply bonding energy. Aquarius is the sign that is driven by a deep need for freedom. Its energy is intellectual instead of emotional, with a compulsion to run from attachments and obligations. This combination can be quite challenging for lunar Aquarians because it creates a lifelong battle within themselves, a constant tug of war so to speak that is hard to understand, even for the native themselves....the moon, wanting to emotionally express itself & bond with other people combined with the Aquarius energy that wants to be free from attachments, commitments and routines. This internal dichotomy can cause a buildup of pressure, resulting in a snapping factor for these natives, especially if they don't have enough space or free time. Many Aquarius moon women have a hard time with motherhood and the obligation that it brings, oftentimes, even feeling guilty for needing so much space. Because of their detached emotional nature, these natives would be most compatible with another air or fire sign moon. Water & Earth moons might view their aloofness as being cold and have a basic lack of understanding as to one another's emotional needs. Lunar Aquarius people are driven to understand the mysteries of the universe. They have a special giftedness for understanding metaphysical topics and many feel compelled to study, write and teach subjects that are ahead of their time, such as astrology, yoga, numerology, reiki, and spirituality. Having an outlet for creative expression gives these natives a sense of freedom, thus easing the internal pressures that have often plagued them. Although this is one of the friendliest moons, these natives can be quite socially awkward because of a failure to follow social norms...blurting out what everyone else is thinking, but too afraid to say. This is the rebel moon..the mad hatter...with altruistic vision of making the world a better place...❤- The Cosmic