• neenachoudhary 51w

    ๐ŸŒพ Self respect ๐ŸŒพ

    Kept running with all my fears & frustrations,
    No one was there to understand
    What I was going through,
    Was hiding my tears behind a beautiful smile,
    Only i knew my pain,
    For them my smile was real.
    But enough of it now
    World has to face a real me,
    My harsh, strong but true words ,
    Show him a real & mean him.
    My stony but truthful face ,
    a lonely but a beautiful soul,
    Show him his rotten & ugly soul,
    Of course a ugly face behind a beautiful skin.
    For sure no one will , respect you,
    till the time one will not respect herself or him self.
    First respect yourself then others,
    First love yourself then others,
    because you will give others ,
    What you have.
    Be proud of you whatever you are,
    Donโ€™t ever loose your self respect , whatever the situations are.
    This crazy & cruel world is ever ready
    to crush you & destroy you ,
    Donโ€™t make him happy to give him
    this type pleasures of crushing you
    OR your

    โค๏ธ Love it โค๏ธ