• sharmi_bonny 5w

    My Love. Now

    It's difficult for me to love you like this.
    I know the kind of love I have for you is not for ever
    It's not about the far future when I Will be with someone in the valley of Kashmir, fearless, holding his hand, both alive.
    It's not about the day two men crossing the road not questioning each other's religion.
    You think this love will last till the date men stop buying virtue by putting the coin in that beggar's plate?

    When the world will be free from the shackle of selfishness
    When the decadence of humanity will not be celebrated in some corner,
    When thousands of people will chant your God's name and kill my people,
    I will refuse to love you.

    It's unusual to have such love for you now.
    Because it's not the right time.
    Not for you. Not for me.
    I've seen you silent, in between the fire.
    I can see you my Love forgetting that
    We came here to collect the colors of the rainbow
    Behind those two girls kissing and holding each other strong,
    We came here to be the voice of all the silent souls
    Pierced by the bullets for telling truth.
    We were here to find the courage from the Atlantic
    And the thirst of freedom from the desert of Atacama
    Though I remember my promises of loving you now.
    In this struggle and in this wrong time
    l may embrace your madness but still thrash the cruelty of your silence and let you go.