• damilare_mapper 10w

    So I decided to also write an epistle bouh myself, cause I know I deserve one that no one can ever say bouh me, and am also using this to share my vision, my passion and dreams; only GOD knows; someone might read this finish and join me in my life journey to achieving a big dream. So my name is Akanbi Habeeb Damilare, I lived most of my childhood in Lagos; I was told that from childhood, I wasn't a smiler and growing up; most of my extended family always said I should join the army (I still don't mind, as their geologist), buh I like to see myself as almost always serious and ready for any situation, and when I smile; it's contagious . I grew up with a very hard mind and taught myself virtually so much; although I forget, buh am more of sharp than brilliant and my curiosity is off the charts, Jst as my resilience/endurance. Since childhood; I've had dreams of being an Astronaut, A farmer, An Engineer, An adventurer, A millionaire and I finally became a Geologist; which I think is a combination of all