• mrinmoy666 10w

    Obligation they have conferred

    Birds are flying in their own sky .
    Humans are behaving gently
    They didn't know what they wanted
    They enfranchise all the animals
    Fluvial nature is fluttering
    They free the impuissant mans .

    Nymphs are coming between us
    They come out at night
    All the humans are nyctalopia
    They can't feel the beauty of this vast narure
    Birds are making a humming noise like the Himalayan bees
    Belial mans are becoming good .

    Some elegant literatures are coming from belletrist
    Read it with your deep freedom mind
    They say --
    "He who does injustice commits impiety ,
    He who pursues pleasure will not obtain from injustice ,
    He who seek the obligation they have conferred "

    Is that a dream , or I am in real
    Wake me up , the dream I had is over ....