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    I would call myself a liar if i don't accept that tuesday morning was more of a night for me, because I was not feeling at all good about myself, my wound of loosing to myself and getting cracked in a situation was so new that i thought its still dark out there, then in the evening I talked with one of my motivational inspiration and she told me your content is worth applause but it's not the time to get applauded but to learn, learn and learn, sometimes it's not about Ranking but your personal growth.
    Those words just connected with me and i couldn't resist but laughing on myself.
    Why i was giving so much importance to one moment that was just happened for once and will never going to repeat?

    And suddenly my life refreshed again, i feel new life is given to me.

    So i just learnt that it's all about how we cherish the moments that are from just happened a while ago or a second ago.

    How they effects us, will they make us feel alive or dead in another moment.

    It's all about believing the theory of moments in a loop that let us grow in between those cycle of life.

    Everything is in our hand, it's just about how you believe, how you rewind moments and how you say bie to those moments which just are part of a unique paradise that will never happen again.

    Be shameless and feel alive in your sheets of emotions that gives you purity that every moment happens for a reason.
    Be comfortable in your present rather than focusing on past.

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    Mornings looks like Nights if you don't feel Alright,
    Life looks Alive if you believe every Moment is the part of Sole Era.