• lundovhh 6w

    Happiness at midnight

    I've realised how hard it is to write when you happy.
    When the sun flows in liquid gold that is alchemy
    There's no time to account for that happiness. In case it's taken away suddenly.

    But tonight
    Even as I hope 
    to fall asleep, 
    words come to me.
    in the silky silence 
    of the night,
    tiptoeing over the folds 
    of my pillow.
    Happiness is
    whispering, "write about me!"
    So I reveal ;
    The joy yet slight fear that dances in circles
    Within my spirit.
    Words over awaiting in glistening excitement, to be touched by soft shadows of light.

    As I write ,
    The trees undress silently.
    The leaves strip away from branches.
    Simultaneously the uncertaincy of the unknown leaves me.
    I remain in awe of the brief & borrowed eternity.

    The more I write the more
    I am reminded that happiness can never leave. If you found it first resting within you.

    ~ Kgomotso Lebethe