• chris_finns 6w

    Dear Lord am through,
    Father am out of clues,
    Oh my Guide,been attacked, lied to quit virtues
    The devil, deceiver, onto you has made me lose value

    Holy spirit speak and heal my soul
    Renew me Like you washed Saul for Paul
    Drive my conscious, i refuse to fall
    the designer of creation, lemme win my call
    I censure lust for trust
    Take me back, I desire to be nearest
    Install repentance in my fault
    Build my strength to forgive
    Father I refuse misuse in devils captive
    Help me protect your temple,
    Authority on you cast what makes the flesh sin

    Let your angels walk by me
    Let me not fail in the trials
    Mould my role on earth to be wonderful
    Let your manifestation on me be known you're powerful
    Oh God, I plead you to hear my confessions
    Approve and streatch your hand for a blessing.
    Almighty God, heal me