• wingsofanangel 23w

    My Journey (Chapter 1)

    My journey started ever since I drew my first breath on this earth, in this special life that God have given to me. I am a Jamaican, a black girl of the West Indies, a humble teenage girl with a talent of writing. I wrote many books, many unknown books but I kept them hidden or private. This book I will be willing to share with anyone. As individuals we aren't perfect, yet still all of us are special in our own. Before we were born our fates were written in the seal of our palms, it was written in the ancient language of our DNA.
    Lord before I get into details of this book I want you to help my soul to anchor its power and let this book be filled with light, love and understanding. Amen.
    I want to tell you that people, readers. I am not here to discuss my life nor its properties but I am here to discuss light and love, something marvellous. A big shift, a transcending light to open the minds of persons towards their awakening.
    In a world where spirituality is much as important as the physical world we live in. As individuals of a world which is changing we must start changing and balancing our energies towards the greater good of the universe.
    I am here, sent by the creator of the universe to help the people of this world to fight the darkness within themselves and to help raise vibrational energies and the whole prospect of mankind.
    God give me your divine, genuine wisdom to write as these persons need to hear my sayings and follow it in their hearts.
    As a teenage girl most people would expect an educated, hormonal girl who just wants her freedom. This is absolutely true, but looks and actions are deceiving but whatever is within our souls are not. I could have spent my time doing something more fun like browsing Google or texting my friends, but I chose not to.
    I am here for a purpose so listen carefully. Before you and I were all born we had to go through a process. We had to develop within our mother's wombs. That's how awakening is; no one can be awakened if they don't even know the first true step. This step is to identify who you are as a person....this is only the beginning. Figure out your likes and dislikes what makes you angry, unhappy or sad. Whenever you've identify your true qualities, appreciate them. Never doubt who you are, you'll be surprised to know that you have some hidden talent or something special, buried deep within you.
    Accept yourself, say it ' I accept myself. Every mistake I've made, every current mistakes I'm making, all that I am, all that I can be, all that I must be. My flaws, my losses, my heartbreaks, my imperfections, my desperate situations, my joy, my happiness, whatever I love or hate about myself I can accept myself'. Say this and it will set your mind free. You are who you are, you are living, you have a significant blueprint, a special energy, you are so special you fail to realise your potential. Accept yourself.