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    The raining day i cried

    The rain starts to pour i
    sit by my window with the music blasting in my ear,
    looking out the window while people rushing to and forth ,
    vehicles passing and children playing and laughing .
    I look at  the droplets of rain one by one as they fall
    getting lost in it all.
    The music changed to a sad love song and then the mood starts to change .
    The atmosphere became dark and cold
    It was like time stoped for a moment
    and there was a shift in my emotions, that lead me to thinking.
    I started thinking about love for some reason .
    I try not to focus on the negative side
    but this time everything stop and it was just me and my thoughts.
    I remember about two person's
    Inlove when they were young ,
    sweet precious as they come
    I remember their story and how i fell inlove with it.
    To me it was beautiful
    Something i wish i could have one day.
    I remembered that they broke up
    and it puzzled me
    because of the whole back story behind it and after it........ it's hard that's hard that's all i could say i kept repeating that while tears starts to form;
    the slience hits and the music and the words flow into place and it captured everything i was feeling in that time and space
    and tears i was holding back finally escaped.
    I wondered how it could affected me like that and it was not me
    but i felt like i was broken up with , i felt like the flesh inside of me was been tourned out, i felt alone.

    I stop the music and i sat there to myself
    and thought about all those loves stories that ended
    and if i felt this way how about how they felt.
    The rain kept pouring and time finally unfrozen and i stared out  my window once more  but this time , i was looking at all thoses people with their faces down
    and persons who was looking at the rain falling.
    I turn my eyes from the window
    now my thoughts are finally blanked
    I put my music back on and closed my eyes and just lay there on my bed.

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    The raining day i cried