• debangana_gogoi 6w

    My Precious

    I was a wanderer in the sea of life
    Roaming aimlessly in the void open
    Untill i met him
    It was like darkness has met the light
    It was like i found the anchor to my ship
    It waa like meeting someone who would
    accept the real me;
    The one with the scars and tears
    The one who would listen to my stories
    My million stories
    All trapped in me;in my soul
    And i found him
    I wouldnt say that's all
    Cause there's more dreams to fulfill
    But i got someone who is absolutely like me
    Who would hold me in the darkest of times

    I repeat the lines to him every night
    To make me realise that he's there
    there beside me;to hold my arms
    While i fall asleep
    I love you!!!