• social_misfit 34w

    The sky full of stars

    In all those dark days of mine, when I stayed awake all night;
    I looked to the sky full of stars, and tried to bury the feelings deep down my heart.

    Because, I knew the feelings doesn’t worth a penny,
    but I tried to ink them, erase them, again ink them on a heart vilify.

    I look back and try to collect pebbles of my memories,
    like a beggar searching for food;
    But how should I convey this to my heart who knows nothing,
    like a adolescence’s pencil on the wall of wood.

    Should I tell it, about the sand storm or her;
    Which came and swept everything on its way.
    It left nothing, neither the pebbles he is trying to search for.

    Often in dreams, he says he listened to her melody;
    But when he woke up, It enveloped the entire world of him with a melancholy.

    Every time he tried to prove himself right,
    He is rather termed as a spark who would ignite.

    Finally when I knew I lost my pebbles, in sand dune at her sight;
    I looked to the sky full of stars,
    and buried the sea of my feelings in the drop of my heart,
    and that, concluded the night.