• aceofhorrors 9w

    Light and Evil (Part 3 Continued)

    This girl is giving off mysterious and unpleasant vibes, yet I am somewhat attracted to her. I muster up saying, "Who are you and what do you mean?"

    "I am Selphine's assistant, Chimes. I know who she is and what she is up to," She admits.

    I then ask her, "How come we never see you?"

    Chimes turn sour. "I am always busy all the time."

    I kind of felt that she is lying straight to my face; however, it feels she's trying to warn me of something. I slowly nod and pretend that I believe her. If she's hiding something, I need to get close to her.

    She places her fingertips against her temples and her eyes clamp shut. "What is it?" She says in a serious voice. "Fine, I guess. I am heading over, I will see you soon."

    I stare at her in confusion. She opens her eyes and her arms return back to her sides. Once she saw me, her face flares red with embarrassment.

    "Oh!" She says baffled. "Sorry, I have telepathy. I have to go, nice meeting ya- Uhhh.'' She becomes mentally stuck.

    "I am Sy," I assist.

    "Thank you, Sy, I shall see ya soon." She bows to me before disappearing into the crowd.

    She's odd. Compared to other people, I reckon she's the most aberrant one in the group. Pretty sure, she isn't human.

    I tried to brush Chimes off my mind by hardcore dancing with the blaring music. In Zula, you can drink as much as you want because you can't become drunk. For the next two hours, I've danced in the crowd until the lottery starts.

    "Zulians, can I have your attention?" Selphine's bold voice booms. Her tone sends shock waves; everything fell dead silent while we wince towards her.

    "The lottery is about to commence," she states. "For any new flesh here, the lottery is held once per year. Upon this night, we party our pants off until we do the drawing." She walks towards the glittery silver raffle box upon a small stand. The small stand is always placed in the middle of the ballroom. Everyone's eyes follow her movements as she places her hands inside the box. "Each one of you has a ticket, which contains a number. If your number gets drawn, you are the chosen one.  The chosen one ventures off to Beljang, the demonic forest. If you reach the edge of Beljang, there is the portal to the outside world. The chosen one tries to gather more humans to join the town. All the past chosen ones never return. Maybe this year, we will have a loyal one."

    My eyes study everyone's expressions: there's excitement, thrill, confusion, fear, and urgency. I can tell if someone is a new flesh by the worry on their faces. They are new folks that recently learned about the dreadful Beljang woods. Honestly, I am not scared anymore. I have only heard the banshees screaming and no demonic roars. Maybe the forest is not as bad as they thought? Maybe it's all just mass hysteria? Maybe Selphine is just making it up?

    Selphine's hand swims around in the box until she finally pulls out one. "237!" She reads out loud.

    My eyes widen in pure shock. My number has been called. I don't know if I should scream in jubilation or cry. I am the chosen one.

    "Whomever possesses 237, please come up!" She humbly orders.

    As I took my first step, my legs turn into jello. To avoid causing a long wait, I jog up towards Selphine and show her my ticket. She smiles and says, "Congratulations, Sy Tomia."

    She shouts the crowd: "Sy Tomia is our new chosen one! Bid him farewell!" The audience erupts into loud applause. I can't believe that I finally have a chance to explore the woods all by myself! Selphine then whispers to me to go to her office in a few minutes before she walks away.

    The first one to say goodbye is Cain. "I can't believe it, buddy, you are the chosen one!" He declares in true shock.

    "Agreed," I admit.

    "Goodluck to you, Sy! Bring back more new flesh." He pats my shoulders. He then happily sighs. "Few years after you came here, you are ready to explore again. Ready for one hell of an adventure?"

    "You betch ya!" I shout.

    Then Cain's girl arrives at her boyfriend's side. She wraps her arms around his shoulders. We barely even know each other, but she's friendly and quiet. Cain told me her name that expresses the mourn of winter: Frost Zazeen. Frost has short wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin is very pale; hence, her light blue veins are clearly visible. She has been in Zula longer than Cain. A year ago, Frost told us that she is five hundred years old! She warned us that her icy-cold flesh is enough to cause a severe frostbite until you find her warmth.  Her aura makes Zulalians feel that a cold breeze has brushed past them.  She's an interesting creature.

    "Congratulations, Sy," She says in a soft voice. I thank her.

    "Anyway, Sy, we saw an unfamiliar creature-lady chatting with you. Who is she?" He ask.

    "Chimes, she's Selphine's assistant," I explain.

    "Never even heard of her," I can hear Cain's voice alarmed.

    "She told me she has been busy all the time," Said I, "I am also suspicious of her; however, she doesn't seem that bad."

    "She could be undercover?" Frost assumes. "I've seen her before."

    We all wince at her. "Where?" We asked simultaneously.

    "I saw her at the edge of the woods while I was putting up my clothes two days ago. My brother and I live near the woods. Her light skin and hair helped me notice her. She was walking deeper into it. I think she may be a demon spying on Selphine."

    I nod. "I will check her out once I am in Beljang." 

    All two of them nodded before telling me to be careful. A guard leads me to Selphine's office. She lends me a bunch of supplies and weapons. "Goodluck to you, Sy, you are about face dangers in those woods. In the lightless, that's where they feed."

    "I am aware, your excellency, I shall do my best," I assure while a bow. For some reason, I never have made promises before. When I try to recollect any promises in the past, I only felt a void.

    "Let's see about that." She says with doubt. I couldn't blame her; many people in the past turned into rotten flesh.