• unspoken_cuentos 10w

    The Pain behind those Eyes

    What’s her greatest gift they asked her.?
    The ability to hide her pain She told them. The affliction ,distress and trauma that’s killing her from within.

    Those hazel eyes, held all the magic, the magic to shine like a rainbow after the thunderstorm and rain.
    What people saw, is what She showed them. The glitter in the eyes and the refulgent smile. But what lies beneath, is pure torment and regret.
    Her heart throbs to be heard, but will anyone ever empathise with her.
    The bitterness She possesses , the sting She abides with, to no one else but herself. The very being of her existence, keeps mortifying her to end it all. There’s only so much a person can Harrow but beyond that it’s simply pulling through life for the sake of living.
    What her biggest secret they asked her .? The aptness of Putting on a smile every morning and pretending like nothing ever happned the night before, She told them.