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    Thank you for the new challenge. This really makes you think about the future, about what will eventually come to us all. Enjoy.
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    Remember the True Me

    In death when all is done and said
    I hope to be remembered as a man
    Who was loving, loved, giving, and
    Funny, yet also a bit bland and quiet
    Pleasantly known to put the needs
    Of my wife, my son, my family and
    My friends before my own needs and
    The demands of this rigorous life
    A man known to love to write poems
    About topics near and dear to heart
    Known to listen to loud, thunderous
    And sometimes melodic rock music
    And known to respect with fulfilling
    Admiration the marriage certificate
    That hangs on our wall before my eyes
    I have no interest in being a hero, no
    Issue being here for a short stay alive
    I don't want to be known the world over,
    Just known by a close few who appreciate
    The man I was when air filled my lungs