• shaktisuman 5w

    To set it free

    In this world of crowd,
    is a Hard thing..
    What I am chasing for ?

    But All I want to do is
    Follow the stream, down hill...
    Ascending again
    To be A man of free will.

    All these flowers
    So colourful , so fragrant..
    I just want to sit here in silence
    Feelings the spirits,all around me
    In mystic vibes....
    The sun is setting,
    Chilling breeze.

    But I am waiting for another apocalypse.
    I have been living
    Several human lives..

    the memories , the images
    In my sleeps , in my dreams
    Never left,keeping chasing..

    Answers to questions ,I want to know
    I wonder , I am looking for

    In this wold ,
    lone walking..