• theorginial6 9w

    Damaged but Not Broken.

    Been missing for a while I understand that
    Had to take a break from it all, just needed to get back
    Was trapped in a hurricane in both ways
    Dorian was a silent storm compared to my hurricane
    Devastation followed on the out and in
    But it couldn't compare to the strength within
    Damaged not broken
    This is the slogan
    Repping the 242, that's my set
    We shall rebuild and come out better, it's what we do best
    Stronger and ready for the challenges to come
    God bless my Bahama Land, each and every one.
    Restoration is occurring on the in and out
    People are lending hands, that what it's about
    Helping the fallen, curing the sick
    With this mentality, we shall never quit