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    I will meet you there.

    With that first step
    Inside the bookworm's cap,
    I met you for the first time
    And a feeling of closeness began to shine.
    As if the magnolia heart,
    Began to sail towards you with the lugger's start.
    The world around suddenly glowed bright,
    With that winsome smile's magical light.
    The pleasant zephyr, the chirping birds,
    But suddenly eyes became misty and everything got blurred.
    Just realised, if you are the morning's sunshine,
    I am the evening's sunset.
    If I am the calm winter ,
    You are the enthusiastic summer.
    The pain in that magnolia heart,
    Kept increasing when my cries you never heard.
    Now the truth is that we are apart
    And I am moving on with a stronger heart,
    Which yet has for you love and prayer
    Still I hope to meet you there.