• absynth 11w


    What are you looking for?
    Nothing in particular.
    Isn't it time for your shower?
    Yes but first pass me the binoculars.
    Aren't you whiling away the hours?
    I don't need a lecture.
    Whoever in the day seeks out stars?
    Just practicing my sense of wonder.
    The sun is hot, you need a cover?
    I will find another lover.
    Oh then are you a moon wooer?
    No I haven't yet finished building the rover
    Well is there a secret amour?
    Yes many but none stayed over
    Tell me who built this ivory tower?
    Yes it was me, I'm sure.
    So did it give you a sense of power?
    Yes but made my heart hollower
    How about some pretty flowers?
    Save them for the lawn mower
    So are you still bitter and sour?
    No the tongue has lost its flavors
    You want to tell me more?
    No. Just let me explore.