• tushwrites 24w

    #words may fall short to describe our moms isn't it????

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    They say we look same. Yeah may be
    But I know we're very different
    She is so compassionate, so good and selfless
    I don't understand how maa sacrifices every little thing to make me happy.
    She always tell me about my carrier, about my life, about my happiness
    But when I ask her about her life, about her carrier
    She just smile and says my life is you, when you're happy I am also happy
    Is she a human? Or a angle who came to this world for me?
    Her arms are so pleasing whenever I grab her arms I feel so relaxed, so quite.
    Her face has a kind of magic which makes me believe whatever might happen I am always with you
    My first wish to God is just keep my maa happy, young and beautiful
    Trust me, I want to do a lot for my maa
    I want to give her back each and every happiness that she is sacrificing for me at every stage of her life.