• girl_with_the_green_diary 4w

    A smile

    Smile, at everyone.
    At all those people you cross paths with.
    Smile, at all those people whom you don't talk to anymore.
    Even at those who've wronged you before.
    Smile, at your family.
    At your friends.
    At your teachers.
    And the children.
    Smile, at all your favorite people.
    At all those people whom you don't like.
    Even at those, who you know, don't like you.
    But most importantly, Smile, at yourself. Smile, for all the love and happiness you have.
    Just Smile.
    Because that one Smile has a lot of power.
    That one Smile, can change someone's mood.
    That one Smile, can make someone's day.
    That one Smile, bring Smiles on others' faces.
    That one Smile, can break others' cages.
    Smile with your heart.
    The Smile, when your eyes are twinkling,
    Your cheeks; hurting,
    the one that comes genuinely from within you,
    Smile that Smile.
    And as you do, you'll realize, how easy it is,
    To be happy,
    And Smile.