• _shweta 50w

    You know?

    You know?
    A whip to the bygone
    Drives me back to the lane
    From where I started to walk
    Walk far away

    You know?
    There's an empty Street
    In my mind
    Made for us, I meet you there
    Dancing on the edge of rewinds.

    You know?
    The future stuns me
    A lone path you see?
    You say, I haven't known you, you're right
    But ask your soul if it denies.

    You know?
    I find relief I have words
    Those beautiful, delineating you
    That's all I could do
    To leave a part aloof

    You know?
    The surface of the moon
    The touch of the sky is being a mystery
    Alike, your audacity In your every breath
    Is being another to me.

    You know?
    I don't know when the things will change
    But I fear, if they do
    You'll find me weaving the words so same
    And yet there won't be steps back
    It would be long gone, far away.

    You know?
    That's how some stories are brought to life,
    As they die.