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    My depressed and confused feelings are here for you to read so be happy.

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    A meaningful-meaningless thing

    My thoughts are clouded with other peoples complaints.
    Everyone here is no longer sane.
    Not just the others, I'm included too.
    I hope I can piece it together before they can see through.
    That might of already happened, I'm a transparent person you see.
    Just the kind of person I don't and do hope to be.
    Finding meaning in this maze of things is something I can't do.
    That's why God is showing me the way so I can be less confused.
    This makes me more concerned because I feel I need help.
    Help for what will happen next, something out of my control.
    I want to lead a successful life in my own shoes. What's so hard about that?
    Well, everyone else is succeeding and that's a painful fact.
    I can question myself a hundred times over, but what good would it do?
    Good enough or not, I still have life to get through.
    I don't want to be negative about it because I know.
    I know I can't end on a positive note.