• trishaamaru 5w


    I had a dream,
    A dream of you and me
    I was happy,
    As happy as can be
    We held hands and danced on the wet ocean sand and we watched the wild wind kissed the sea
    We strolled in the park lost in the moment, the breeze whistle sent us a cold chisel
    The leaves escaped from their branches roaming about so free buzzing happily like a bee
    We sat on the ever green grass I lean closely on you jean
    Bursting with laughter so easy to be seen
    What a beautiful scene, so much love inbetween
    I looked into your hazel eyes it glittered
    The butterflies in my heart fluttured
    And suddenly..
    I was thrown into an unknown zone
    Visions of you now blurry
    You were a clone
    Your cologne slightly fading on it's own
    And before I could shed a tear
    You tore away from me
    I'm back to being alone me