• xamber52 10w

    # mind # signs # flirt # mingle # single

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    I wish that he could be mine.

    We sat there and had a glass of wine.
    All that kept going through my mind,
    Was oh how your big eyes shine.
    I put on my biggest smile, I hope you read the signs.
    I wish that you could be mine.
    Promises that I tell you, with a cheer, I will be so kind.
    Wish that you were mine.

    All you kept telling me is how you have been hurt.
    That's not a good way to flirt.
    What I am hearing from you is that your not ready to mingle.
    I guess that's why your still single.
    Your not the only guy that feels this way.
    I have talked to many, it's always the same out come, they are not okay.

    I have been down that road before.
    But now I am looking for a whole lot more.
    Sorry for judging you but your not the first person who has