• noblekem 6w

    This fragile life

    I have always believed in words,
    the consoling, healing power
    Of the great architecture of letters.
    I never thought that my art will ever fail me.
    That it can ever be impossible to collect the correct
    And enough letters to explain my loss,
    How I feel, how life can be uncertain.
    But today words have failed me ,
    They don't feel as powerful as they were.
    Her coming to life was a great happiness to all of us.
    The 719 days that I have been with her,
    Watching her grow, blossoming to a pretty young lady
    Has been one of my greatest times.
    There is no perfect life I have seen lived like her's.
    How grateful she always were,
    Even in the smallest acts she would say 'santii' ( thank you ).
    I will not regret for the time that I will not be with her
    But I will be grateful for the time that God saw fit for us to share.
    Because I know she has been raised to glory.

    Tribute to My little angel,
    Lovely Jemurungu ‚̧