• dhanashrid 6w

    Cousins world

    Drop drip deep
    Your love you have to Hide & secretly keep
    Don't be ever try to make in it neep
    Without your gossips you never be gonna sleep

    Omg you looking like bandariya
    Ufff you haven't had a little bit of mind
    Omg what a stupid idea is your
    You look like animals not a simple it's like Wild
    Ooo nooo how can you think like a small child

    Morning be like I don't wanna to talk to you not now and for ever...
    And the night second last msg be like
    Hey listen n I can't live without you, no never

    This happens , yes it's really happens
    It's , Like Suger in curd
    Yesss it's possible In the beautiful,
    priceless superbly crafted cousin's world