• intellection 51w

    How significant is insignificance!?

    In-between presence of everything and potential essence of nothing,
    How insignificant is one's existence!? 'In the grandeur of cosmos,
    Nothing really matters!', Rationale can indeed extinguish emotions;
    Illusionary senses fooling us around, how significant is this thought!?
    Yet 'nothing' ignites everything into its geodesic!? O! The Irony!

    In-between significance of thoughts and insignificance of existence,
    Exist within me, the countless questions of stupendous beauty; But,
    Am I sure that I do exist!? Pretty much, since the questions do!
    There's no thought without existence, since I exist therefore I think;
    Does that make existence significant!? O! The irony strikes again!

    Contemplating the significant insignificance, I'm lost unconcerned,
    In the fine line in-between everything and nothing. How beautiful!
    O my mind, never forget, 'Without paradox, there is no thought!'