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    There are some people you come across who you know only through words.
    Yes just that. Words.

    How they write about​ little things. Simple things that matter to them. How they love the morning rain. Their affection for winter just so they can touch the fresh dew of a grass on a chilly morning.

    How they write about happiness. The smile that lights up their day at hearing a baby's laughter. The slight movement of their lips when their favorite song comes on the radio.

    How they write about sadness. Their pain at seeing a homeless person on the streets. The tears they shed when a person dear to them passes away.

    I have known all these people. I have read them. Their words. Their lyrics. Everyone has.

    I think it's lovely when you know a person this way. Because the thing about words? They are solid and sturdy. Unweildying. They stay. They survive. Occasionally they thrive too.

    And the memories of that person never really leave you. You may not always see the prettiest side of a person through their words. Because when you know a person through their words, you know them at their truest. You know them at their rawest. That's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

    - Avitaj

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