• rebelpjones 22w

    Feel this
    By RebelpJones

    Feel this/power of words/natural magic spell

    This is not a typo,
    this is the real deal,

    Visual poet,
    the magics in the detail,

    I abbreviate,
    and accent
    every letter of
    every word
    in every sentence
    for the extreme
    poetic Hallucinatory feel,

    Something for your physical,
    and spiritual connection to simultaneously feel.

    You may just find
    something inside
    profound enough to steal,
    to share with the world
    something rarely seen but undeniably real,

    this spell that I've
    just put on you,
    that's right this magic is real,
    respond to this piece
    let me know
    what you see and feel,
    that will be proof enough
    that true magic is real
    and can heal.