• thrags 10w


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    .The Codex.

    P|ratice what you preach
    L|oving all those you meet
    E|nlightenment is what we seek
    A|ccomplishing such a feat
    S|olidifies bonds strong as concrete
    E|veryday has trials never admit defeat

    H|ow do some uphold positivity
    E|verywhere seeing endless possibility
    L|ive life without a pinch of animosity
    P|acing through the day catatonically

    M|aybe I'm the one who's wrong
    E|dging more towards where I belong

    F|eelings of uselessness
    I|ntruding my consciousness
    N|ever receive any compliments
    D|elivered only empty promises

    M|ental status: ready to immolate
    Y|es I'm mad at the world, even irate
    S|elfish people should face expropriate
    E|ventually will come time to arbitrate
    L|eaders now distort and obfuscate
    F|ree yet forced to be subordinate