• agie93 4w


    Driving through the highway road, pine trees on both sides. The road that once gave her the thrill that she was home, was now a road that seemed endless, a harsh reminder of the reality. It's not working out. We have too many wounds to heal. A simple question of "Where were you last night? " would trigger anger like none other. And she would silently accept the answer. "Maybe I'm too provoking? Maybe im too suspicious? " He would constantly rub her faults whenever they have any arguments, while his faults were never addressed. Everything he did was right, a good deed would erase his hundred faults. Pause! Stop! Did I sign up for this? I'm too young to decide my future. College days may have been wonderful but it was only because there was no access to the real world. A world of simplicity. A world of honest feelings. How could I be blind to base the validation that everything would be alright based on the memories. Am I so weak?
    Nothing was ever going to change. She was his keep. A last resort to turn to when the world seems chaotic. That moment of comfort would never be corrupted but he would be back.
    The possibility of leaving that comfort zone was dreadful.
    "You've reached home" she woke up from her thoughts... And realising she was home. "Thank you" Were her last words as she got down from the car, walking to the driveway home, and didn't look back as she would usually do.