• theroamingbird 45w

    His eyes were filled with pain
    But he was trying to mask it
    With a smile
    I was screaming at the top of my voice
    And demanding him
    To just spit it out
    Tell me what's wrong
    Suddenly he stood up
    And took my hand
    he came close
    really close
    and whispered
    "Can you feel that?
    Can you feel how hard it is beating
    My heart does that only for you
    For your voice
    For your smile
    For your eyes
    And it goes wild
    When you're near me
    When you're touching me"
    "Why don't you understand?
    I can't move on now
    I can't go on now
    I need you
    I'm standing on the edge of the line
    Waiting for you to cross it
    and stop loving me like a best friend
    and start loving me like a man
    that you always talk about falling in love with
    Let me be that man
    Let me be your man"