• joxychella 4w

    The heat unrolls, the cracking heat of April
    A queue of skeletal hands reached out for the last cowlac tin of loose grains, falters, against hope.

    In the drought, a frail dog sniffing his lover's arse. Goes berserk, barking at the wave of grey eddying

    Scurvy children kicking the grit, scud beachwards, as their wobbly feet digs in for possible cassava even when they know such tubers are now hushed in shoots..

    Delightful bawdy songs to bait the droughts are cloaked in the chocking fumes of dawn, banned.
    But our fat-custodians despatch another tale
    While, they sat beside, secure together, cracking roast chestnut or stale jokes about hollies and ivies as red wines cooled down their throats....

    Should we talk about it ? Hmmm
    Let's talk about the after all said and done,

    As Usual, Spastic images will dredge up rhetorical questions
    For a child once asked saying
    Why do the gods hold up the rains ?
    Don't we praise them enough ?
    are we meant to be ahead so as not to know
    what happens behind ?

    And she said unto me " Rabbi, The gods must be crazy right ”
    Staring into her sight with a deep silence, I Had replied with a smile, in which she chagrined in a coated blush as she limped towards me with a peck on each chicks...and as I watch her shyly running along the path that leads to the others.....

    I had wondered

    Of what use.. is it to trouble such Young minds ?
    She figure it out alright... she will someday
    Come to know that the truth she seek was beyond gods..

    (0.0 minute of Hysterical laughter followed by it usual silent )

    god's or GOD
    Let's Darken all the spark,
    no that should be LIGHT or DARKNESS
    Hey you there...are you between love and hate ¿
    No it's love or hate
    Isn't it a government for the people,
    No.no...NO, it the government or the people
    Come along, Let's discover what death offer's over life,
    Damn, what wrong with me, ( LIFE OR DEATH)
    Your honesty for their decite, No, honesty or nothing at all
    Ahhh...Isn't it a lot of emphasis already. Hmmmm

    Just my word's against yours, then you see how clothed i have become in an irony of metaphors

    ( A Stare at the blazing sky followed by a heavy sniffle)

    It was yet another fool's Day touch down
    And here I was, trying not to be April.

    Look at what I found in my draft today ;)
    an April write which was meant to be posted on April,
    yeah things happen for a reason I guess ;-D

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    It Another fool's day touch down
    And we striving...
    Really trying not to be April