• aspiringwriter 10w

    Felt lonely, clouds were racing fast and the cool sky started losing it. Eerie started howling, tress trembled violently, bikes sound heard no more. I stood up walked around and peeped down and i could see some inmates striding up and down quickly.
    The wind bothered me but for a split second i could hear the tune. It's the call of the special person and she used to call me so. I knew her voice and i was all happy, even my environment is little disturbing. I came back, sat on the wall and i smiled.
    Again i heard the tune and i knew what she is going to say. Ever since we met, she shared so many things, her likes, dislikes, her darkside and brighter side, her bumps and hurdles. She had endured pain for so long and she remained cool all the type. She used to have lil mood swings and some times she vanishes completely and hides herself.
    I wished to speak to her as we do, though i was all ready, i felt her nearness but found her no where in the sky.
    Where you've been Moon ��?

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    It's a beautiful eve, and i felt read the caption above.