• sonususanv_ 10w

    Mathematics of Life

    The more problems we do,
    The less we fear maths,
    The more difficult problems we do,
    The more we excel in it.
    So is Life.

    The more problems we face,
    The more stronger we become.
    The more difficult they are,
    The better and experienced we become.

    Always Believe that,
    There is no problem in this world,
    Without a solution.
    However difficult
    The question paper might seem to us,
    If we hold the hands of our Lord,
    He will help us answer them in the best way.
    And thus we can pass the test called "Life" With flying colours.
    Then why should we worry...?
    Just smile at the problems
    And look up to the Lord,
    He will surely help us make it through.