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    I scream at the slightest discrepancies in life albeit silently in my head.
    //You are not to show emotions in public//

    I look up at the sky and wonder what lies beyond mere atmospheres of poisoned air
    //Daydreaming won't get you anywhere. What will you buy oxygen in the future with? Dreams?//

    I see her smiling at me as she did every single day but will never have the guts to ask her out apprehensive of her community scrutinising my intentions
    //She is of another religion! Your bloods don't mix! (Yet we are both remain A+ve)//

    I remember a childhood scream piercing my conscience at nights in my adulthood
    //Its nothing my child. Husband is God. (Gods are allowed to punish his subjects)//

    I remember growing out my hair and being called a girl, to wear ribbons and hair clips, sarees and shawls.
    //Are you shemale?! Where is your dignity? What will others think?(Stereotypes rule a world struggling to accept multitudes of genders)//

    I remember writing my heart out to be criticized about a hopeless future
    //Don't fly too high for you will fall so low//

    Let me cry
    Let me dream
    Let us be
    Let others live
    Let me write

    Let my hopes take flight
    unbridled by hate and spite

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    @rhapsodist (Inspired especially by your recent write)

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    Let my hopes take flight unbridled by hate and spite