• adaise 6w

    The Waves of Our Emotions

    My emotions flow through me like water
    As I rise upon your landscape
    Pulling myself back into the blue when I get too close
    I’m your little daisy that you daze upon but, Adaise( A daze) you sleep on
    You’re like a cup half full, but
    Also a cup half empty, not enough to replenish my thirst
    Teasing me with scarce droplets of your love to keep me coming back
    Floating through the wind
    I plant myself in someone else’s light
    Bright enough to quench my future.
    Adaise that could
    Know when to run when she felt unwanted
    Or were you the one ?

    Bonded by the chains of insecurities and lack of trust
    Black chains...
    Coated in the bloody scars of our past.
    Simultaneously, we push back and we pull forward.
    Tagging along each other’s lifeless bodies
    How can we brake the chains when we’re going in the same direction?

    Will this cycle of blood, bruises, and empty hearts ever end?
    What is love?
    A crazy roller coaster we can’t seem to jump off.
    We hold our hearts in our hands visible to the human eye. Ready for the next adrenalin rush of joyful pain.
    And we wait... and wait
    And we wait..and wait.
    Anxiously to feel complete

    ~ Honestly Adaise