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    She was in love with his poetries on @mirakee .

    They tried to be in touch with the writer who
    can blend emotions to rhymes so well .

    He agreed to take calls of her on social media .

    She was getting more easy & comfortable
    with him with every next conversation .

    He wrote an emotional poetry about dishonesty
    People show on all available social online
    platforms .

    She thought if that poetry was for her .
    And wanted to talk about the fear he might be
    going through . She asked finally .

    He said i don't want to talk it's just my
    Integration of imaginary things to poetry .

    She said if i say " i want to be with u, for u "
    then will u want to talk about that .

    He felt this time god shown him some grace
    on just praying once . Then , he said okay .

    She decided to put one condition on him for
    two of them . And asked him to write her's
    23 years 7 month journey .

    He agreed , laughing .
    He said oh that's why u want me a free writer .

    She said shut-up .

    On Last page of her story

    I decided to tell my stories every night
    after we both returned from our work .
    Saying everything to him and his listening
    to me with deepest intensity makes me Sleep
    in calmness between his arms ....

    ** to be continued .... **
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    Poetries of my life !

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