• anishi 23w

    No matter what u did for him, he wll only remember the damn wrong thing. He will forget all good which u did for him. U will cross ocean for him but he will never take the first step into it. If he really wanted u in his life, he would hav made efforts just like he did to get other things in his life. He never wanted u, girl. U have to accept this. It was nothing. Accept the fact that u were never his priority. And he proved it again and again. How many times u r going to give him chance to show his love and care for u? And everytym he showed u that u meant nothing to him. Nothing. How many times u cried in front of him and he told u not to cry. And he knows how bad it hurts, still he treats u like this. No woman should feel like she has to try harder for someone who isn't trying for her. Just walk away.

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    Walk away.