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    What do you think makes a person write so well?
    Ok broken hearts, empty pockets and lost zest for life can be answer to this question, but let's think practically, I believe a good writer definitely must be a good reader and a person with common awareness!
    When I combine these two aspects, what strikes my mind is newspaper! But taking that on a deeper note I probably would not want my younger brother to read the newspaper which comes home daily! Media has ruined to a level today that it surely highlights stuff which doesn't need so much of exaggeration! Remember, Nirbhaya case?
    So much of unwanted exaggeration just to create TRP and not for the benefit of citizens!

    To overcome this problem what I found out is INDIAS FIRST POSITIVE NEWSPAPER!
    Yes you hear right, positive newspaper!
    When I went to the roots to this newspaper all I got to know is there lies an excellent and purely geniune idea of developing reading habits, awareness and yes POSITIVITY among readers!

    We all want ourselves and our beloved ones to be an optimist human in all walks of life! To make this happen I will help you all!

    To know more about THE POSITIVE NEWSPAPER please ping me on my Instagram handle : paatni_padmini

    Come, let's together make a positive life in this world of negetivity!

    Spread this among the masses!

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