• vandi123 6w

    Demons cut
    my face, threw acid
    My face needs makeup
    to hide dark circles
    under my eyes,
    occured by crying.
    To hide my cheekbones
    scorched by acids.
    To make my forehead bright,
    excoriated by pointed knife.
    Few of acid drops have
    peeled off my chapped lips.
    I need lipstick to colour it
    in coral curves.
    Need creamy ink of foundation
    to polish my parched face,
    scorched by splashes of acid.
    I need light Pink blush pigments
    To flush my cheekbones.
    My jaw lines need contour,
    for the appearance of slimmer face,
    which has grown out of blisters.
    Need a ivory concealer
    to heal my septic skin,
    injured by infernal spirits.
    Need a mascara
    To adore my unsightly eyes.
    My eyelids are infected
    by demon's nails like claymore,
    Need a tawny shadow
    to form a boundless beauty.
    Makeup pigments wake me up
    May be I'm looking flawless, Now !


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