• nilakshisaikia11 30w

    'Together is Life'

    Times changed, intensity changed,
    But we remaining as constants was our best part.

    Showcasing of love changed, not in a negative way,
    But it just got increased in our hearts.

    Attraction towards each other changed,
    We just kept getting too much intimate.

    Giving 20 months of our lives to each other,
    We prayed to god to keep the numbers increasing.

    Arguments made special appearances now and then,
    But we learned to make it up to each other.

    It's hard to believe that we won't be constantly together,
    But we will learn to be truthfull towards our relationship.

    Distance will be our barrier,
    But the beating of our hearts at same pace wont stop.

    Wishing you a happy anniversary with both heavy and happy heart,
    I pray that god keeps you in with a happy soul forever ❤