• the_indian_akhil 4w


    i can't write anymore
    it doesn't feel right,
    like it used to before.

    about all the love
    and heartbreaks..
    tearing skirt of girls underage,
    i can't write about it anymore
    like i used to before.

    the nature of rape
    the build of a case
    i don't write loops
    i can't make sectional sentences
    rhyme anymore..

    for now, much like before
    i am not part of your garam masala,
    फलानी लड़की का game
    फलाने लड़के ने बजा डाला ।

    homo me for the phobia
    is still a trend,
    the gender you place them is still
    हिजड़ा साला...

    i can't write about that anymore,
    for words wasted can imprison
    the build of a rebellion,
    much like before.

    hcl is still the trendy foundation
    gifted by the heartbroken.
    oh yeah!
    i don't write about that anymore,
    for visual are more expressive
    and there's much of that to be found.

    milky, silky, spooky, freaky,
    I am what you think of me,
    into the worn out shoes
    dawdling the chores of blood
    sing oh me, you too!
    for you, me and we are so richly diversified
    on language and caste..
    मेरी जात,
    तेरी औकात ।

    i don't write about that anymore
    it feels much less important,
    vaginal fluid dripping on the floor
    tying neck knot of hopes
    splashing love on inked notes
    rhyming dilema like chores
    this is what becomes of me, you & we.

    for now crime is consensual
    life is forbidden
    now truth is diabolical
    ergo all is forgiven ;